Specialty Script Movement: Specialty to Retail

The RxLocal™ team is proud to announce that Tarrytown Specialty Pharmacy in Austin, Texas seamlessly moved the first specialty prescription to a retail pharmacy using the RxLocal™ Partner Network ecosystem. Thank you to Sheevum Patel and Tarrytown for being our first specialty pharmacy to use our new feature and we already have other pharmacies lined up and ready to go.

Our Rxlocal™ Partner Network in designed to bring specialty pharmacy to retail environments for independent and health system pharmacies. Outside of the many patient benefits of a specialty to retail program, the pharmacy gains efficiency as well. A simple scan at the retail POS and the patient rings up; if the patient is not in the system, PioneerRx prompts the pharmacy to import the patient and complete the sale.  You can read more about the RxLocal™ Partner Network here. Check out our RxLocal™ blog for updates. Wanna meet us on the road? We will be exhibiting at the Asembia Summit in Las Vegas April 30 – May 3.

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