Why RxLocal™ Customer Suite?

We designed the RxLocal™ Customer Suite specifically to connect our PioneerRx pharmacies to their patients, providers, and other stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is improving patient health and the health of our pharmacies. This powerful s enhances the PioneerRx software and equips your pharmacy with more tools


The RxLocal Ecosystem

RxLocal will help drive specialty pharmacy medication more efficiently and to the appropriate site of care. The healthcare provider sends a specialty prescription to patient’s normal local pharmacy. PioneerRx automatically routes the prescription to a partner specialty pharmacy based on network affiliations and drug distribution capabilities. The specialty pharmacy then ships medicine back to local pharmacy after consulting with the patient. The patient picks up all medicines at the same time from the same place.

RxLocal Partner Network & Services

RxLocal Partner Network

Specialty to retail network to drive care to patients.

Product Support

Product inquiry support, Product administration and education support.

Marketing Support

Marketing support for your specialty business.

Clinical Support

Clinical inquiry support, Case Management.

Technology & Growth Solutions

Growth Driven Web Design

Responsive designs that showcase your business on all platforms.

Print & Digital Ad Support

Graphic and marketing support for your business via print or digital.

Pharmacy Locator

Pharmacy finder for patients that want to do business with independent pharmacies.

App & Portal Creation

Connect to your patients and providers through our portals or apps.