What Makes RxLocal™ Special?

The RxLocal™ Customer Suite is designed to connect our PioneerRx pharmacies to their patients, providers, and other stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is improving patient health and the health of our pharmacies. This powerful s enhances the PioneerRx software and equips your pharmacy with more tools

The RxLocal ™ Partner Network

Make it easy for you and your patients to get their specialty prescriptions filled. RxLocal™ Customer Suite is the perfect solution for pharmacies to fill specialty pharmacy medication more efficiently. Your patient’s doctor sends a specialty prescription to your pharmacy as normal. PioneerRx automatically routes the prescription to a partner specialty pharmacy based on network affiliations and drug distribution capabilities. The specialty pharmacy then ships medicine back to you after consulting with the patient. The patient picks up all medicines at the same time from the same place. Saving everyone time and providing a better customer experience.


Patient’s doctor sends you the specialty prescription.


PioneerRx Software automatically sends presciption to Network Partner.


Specialty pharmacy sends back medication to you.


Patient picks up all prescriptions from your pharmacy.

Patient are dealing with enough. RxLocal™ helps make their experience with you enjoyable by saving them time and frustration.

Support Services

Product Support

Enjoy manufacture partnerships that help with product inquiry support, product administration and education support.

Clinical Support

Clinical inquiry support, Case Management. (This needs more.)

Marketing Support

Looking to boost your marketing game? We consult on marketing strategies that can help support for your specialty business.

Technology & Marketing Solutions

RxLocal Pharmacy Finder

Specifically designed for independent pharmacy. Patients access nearby local pharmacy’s location, hours, services, and even read and make reviews

App & Portal Creation

We are always adding new and improved ways for patients and providers to communicate. With portals we make that connection easy.

Growth Driven Websites

Need a new website or a website at all? Great news! RxLocal can help create a stunning website that will look great and attract more patients.

Print & Digital Ad Support

Need help making striking marketing materials for print and the web? Look no further RxLocal provides resources for both print and digital channels.