6 Pharmacists Shaking Up Social Media

6 Pharmacists Shaking Up Social Media
December 3, 2021
RxLocal Team

In the world of social media, new voices emerge almost every day, in almost every field.

From outdoor enthusiasts to cooking experts to pharmacy professionals, millions of people use social media to share their perspectives. When those perspectives gain enough traction, they become influential.

The term “social media influencer” refers to people who have built a large enough following to be considered trusted sources of information in their field.

By now, most pharmacists use social media to promote their business. However, some use it to build their own brand and make a name for themselves online. In the process, they become social media influencers — offering input, advice, and entertainment to their hundreds (or even thousands) of followers.

By connecting with influential pharmacists online, you can get connected to new ideas, new networks, and discover new opportunities to improve your own social media account. Over time, you may even feel compelled to start building your own brand and becoming an influencer yourself.

Next time you scroll through your favorite platform, then, check out other pharmacists and consider clicking the “Follow” button.

Here are some of our favorites to follow:

1. Dr. Stephanie Young Moss

Best For: Social Media Strategy

Dr. Stephanie Young Moss — Dr. Stephanie, for short — is a pharmacist and personal brand strategist who shares insight on a variety of topics. As a pharmacist, she discusses issues like managed care, health equity, and health economics. As a strategist, she teaches other professionals how to optimize social media and grow their pharmacy in the process.

More specifically, she offers tips and tricks on how to use certain social media platforms, as well as how to build an online presence in general. Find her ideas on building your brand identity, boosting your credibility, and engaging more followers.

Dr. Stephanie can be found on any of the following platforms:

2. Dr. Suzanne Soliman

Best For: Career Development

Dr. Suzanne Soliman is a former community pharmacist, medical science liaison, and professor of pharmacy.

On her social media accounts, she shares both medical expertise and career advice, helping all pharmacists — especially female pharmacists — land the job of their dreams. Check out her posts on female empowerment, mental health, and how to ace your next interview.

Dr. Soliman can be found here:

3. Adam Martin, PharmD (The Fit Pharmacist)

Best For: Personal Motivation

Dr. Adam Martin is a motivational speaker and coach who helps professionals reach their full potential. With one of the largest pharmacy followings, he shares advice on how to overcome adversity, boost self-confidence, and practice self-care. As an added bonus, he posts a fair share of pharmacy memes (which are guaranteed to brighten your day).

Find Dr. Martin on any of the following platforms, or on his weekly podcast, The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast.

4. Dr. Joanna Lewis

Best For: Health and Wellness

Dr. Joanna Lewis is passionate about helping pharmacists take charge of their wellness and build meaningful careers. She encourages professionals to prioritize their own health and well-being so that they can better care for patients. As such, she uses social media to post health and wellness advice, encourage self-care, and share her tricks of the trade.

On her website, The Pharmacist’s Guide, she even offers a free social media download, “10 Ways to Grow as an Influencer” — ideal for pharmacists looking to break out into the online world.

Find Dr. Lewis on either of these platforms:

5. Madeline Acquilano, PharmD (The Luxe Pharmacist)

Best For: Pharmacy Lifestyle

Dr. Madeline Acquilano is a recent grad offering advice for new professionals in the industry, all while having fun.

On her social media platforms, she shares opportunities for pharmacists to network, partner with brands, and make a name for themselves as trusted healthcare providers. Aside from her clinical interests, she also shares lifestyle content, including skincare, fashion, and travel tips.

She stays active on social media accounts as well as on The Luxe Pharmacist Podcast.

Find Dr. Acquilano here:

6. Abraham the Pharmacist

Best For: Patient-Centric Content

For patient-centric content, visit Abraham the Pharmacist — a UK-based professional who aims to educate patients about the importance of the profession. To do this, he stays active on multiple platforms, primarily YouTube.

To date, his channel has received nearly 80 million views and racked up nearly 500,000 subscribers. Check out his content to brush up on common health concerns and learn how to approach them in conversation with your patients.

Use any of the following platforms to do so:


Take inspiration from these pharmacists and launch your own social media career. For an added boost, use RxLocal’s Social Media Assistant to get monthly content delivered straight to your inbox. It’s as easy as Copy and Post.