How to Refill a Prescription

On the RxLocal Mobile App

Illustration of prescription bag
Select “Refill My Prescriptions”


On the main screen, select the “Refill My Prescriptions” button. If necessary, select the pharmacy and patient that the prescription belongs to.

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Select Medications to Refill


Select the medication(s) you want to refill, then select the “Refill Selected Medications” button.

Note: You will not be able to refill medications discontinued by your doctor.

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Choose Pickup or Delivery Method


Select how you would like to receive your prescription: pickup, delivery, or mail.

Note: Only the options offered by your pharmacy will be displayed. You may need to provide more information, such as pickup time, depending on the selection you make.

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Receive Confirmation


Once you have selected how you will receive your prescription, you will receive a confirmation message. Your pharmacy may send you a message through RxLocal when your prescription is ready for pickup, out for delivery, or has been mailed.

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Update Address / Other Information


If you select the delivery or mail option, you can update your address if needed by clicking the “Update my Information” button. You can send your new address or updated information in a message to the pharmacy.

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