How to Schedule a Vaccination

Make an Appointment with Your Pharmacy

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Image of community pharmacy
Select a Pharmacy


If you already have a local pharmacy that you use, simply go to the Pharmacy Finder and search for your store by address or zip code. Click on the pharmacy name to open its profile page.
Alternatively, you can also go to the Pharmacy Finder and search for stores in your area, then filter the search by Vaccine type to find a pharmacy offering the specific immunization you need.

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Schedule an Appointment


Click on the “Schedule Appointment” button to see a list of all the types of immunizations your pharmacy is currently offering. Click on your desired service, select a date and time that works best for you, then fill out your personal information to schedule your appointment.

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Confirm Details


You will get a confirmation email after scheduling your appointment. This will outline the details of your appointment and what to expect.

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Get Reminders


Before your selected vaccination date, you will also get a courtesy email that reminds you of your upcoming appointment. Remember to read over the details and show up to your pharmacy on time and prepared!

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