How to Set Medication Reminders

With the RxLocal Mobile App

Illustration of a clock and a bell representing setting up reminders on RxLocal.
Select “Remind Me to Take My Medications”


On the main screen, select the “Remind Me to Take My Medications” button.

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Select “Create New Reminder”


If necessary, select the person you are creating a reminder for. Then, select the “Create New Reminder” button on the bottom of the screen.

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Choose Your Medications


Select the medications that you would like to create reminders for, then tap the “Continue” button.

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Set Reminder Frequency & Time


Choose how frequently the alarm should repeat and the time of day that it should sound. Click the “Save Reminder” button when you are happy with your selections.

Note: Check your medication information to determine the frequency and time of day you need to take your medication(s).

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Options Screen

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Delivery Disclaimer

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