6 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 3, 2023
RxLocal Team

Kindness isn’t seasonal, but holidays are. There’s always something worth celebrating — just check out WinCalendar and see all the occasions you could be celebrating.

February 17 is not only Michael Jordan’s birthday, but it’s also Random Acts of Kindness Day. It’s a holiday that celebrates small, unconditional, but extremely valuable acts of kindness.

Though these acts are small in scale, they have the ability to surprise, delight, and make a person’s entire day.

1. Bring a Box of Donuts

For our office workers reading, you know that it is the people who truly make the job.

Any day is a good day to show your appreciation for them, but Random Acts of Kindness day is the perfect reason if you need one.

Get some donuts from your local grocery store — or even your local pharmacy — on Random Acts of Kindness day. It falls on a Friday this year, so it’s an even more perfect way to start the weekend.

It goes without saying, but culinary delights will boost worker morale. Donuts are always a pleasant and sweet surprise that never fails to brighten a coworker’s day.

Make that extra trip to the store and buy a dozen donuts (extra points if you can get a baker’s dozen).

2. Hold the Door for Strangers

On your way to getting your daily coffee, take an extra look back before you let go of the door. Hold the door if someone is walking behind you. It’s a small but pleasant act of kindness.

Though a small gesture, holding the door for strangers is what Random Acts of Kindness Day is all about. You shouldn’t expect anything in return, nor should you painstakingly plan to hold the door open.

It’s meant to be random, spontaneous, and — most of all — genuine. Holding a door for a stranger could be that extra pick-me-up they need to seize the day truly.

It also helps if you hold the door open when entering a coffee shop so they can get their caffeine sooner rather than later.

3. Be Courteous on the Road

The freeway is like the wild west on the weekdays. Cars are blazing past speed limits, swerving in and out of lanes the second they find a mere hint of open space.

Whether you’re commuting in the morning or making the long journey back home, driving can be the sore spot of the day.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic, cars moving at a snail’s pace, drivers having an apparent objection to using their turn signals — these are but a few “quirks” of the road.

On Random Acts of Kindness day, exercise a small bit of generosity behind the wheel. If you see a car trying to get into your lane, kindly let them — emphasis on the “kindly.” There is no shortage of road rage and a random act of kindness is the perfect counter.

General driver etiquette can count as a random act of kindness. As mentioned before, driving on the freeway can be a chaotic journey. Use your turn signals, don’t run red lights, follow the speed limit, and give the right of way when appropriate.

Everyone will be a little more grateful if there is less chaos on the road. Random Acts of Kindness Day is the perfect time to exhibit some vehicular kindness.

4. Fill Out a Customer Survey

Every store has them. Every independent pharmacy has them, too. Businesses live on sales, but they thrive with the help of customer feedback. Customer surveys give businesses a clear, genuine idea of how they can improve their operations.

In many ways, the customer is the business’s life force. Use that power to your advantage by filling out those customer surveys. The best surveys are constructive, politely critical when necessary, and always well-intentioned — even if you had a negative experience.

Sometimes the random act of kindness is being honest with your local businesses. Now they have the blueprint to further better their business thanks to you.

5. Phone a Friend

What’s a more pleasant surprise than receiving a phone call from a long-lost friend? It’s an unexpected but welcome surprise to see their name on your phone screen after so long.

A random act of kindness doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. You can commit acts of kindness without the help of donuts or customer surveys (though definitely do those). Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call.

You never know what someone is going through. A simple phone call, the mere act of reaching out to another person could be all they need to take on whatever is troubling them.

Being there for someone or just dropping a line is the simplest, most random act of kindness there is (unless you buy your coworker an office plant). It can also be the most meaningful and impactful.

6. Try Random Acts of Self-Kindness

It’s difficult to express kindness to others if you can’t be kind to yourself. It’s easy to get stuck on routines that don’t do much for your health. However, you’re not doing yourself any favors by coasting when you know you can do better.

They say that self-care is the best care, and rightfully so. Don’t forget about the one person who needs a random act of kindness from you: yourself.

Take the day off, go for a walk, read that book you’ve been putting off for a while, clean up that Netflix queue, go to the zoo — do anything that is true to your own happiness.

Remember that Random Acts of Kindness Day should start with the self. Don’t put yourself on the sidelines while others are enjoying these bite-sized acts of kindness — especially if they’re donuts.

One Random Act of Kindness at a Time

Random Act of Kindness Day celebrates the little things in life. Just like nickels and dimes, they might seem benign at first, but add up in value. Though it’s a holiday right after Valentine’s Day, don’t let it overshadow the sincere value of a kind act.

Phone a friend, be kind to yourself, buy your coworkers donuts (or even drinks), and don’t be a complete maniac on the road. Your friends, car insurance plan, and your personal well-being will be grateful for it.