Catch Good Rays and Vibes This UV Safety Awareness Month

Catch Good Rays and Vibes This UV Safety Awareness Month
June 30, 2023
RxLocal Team

Nevertheless, the sun is shining brighter than ever, and temperatures are rising by the minute. You know what that means: it’s July. 

The seventh month of the year is usually the go-to month for vacation. Whether you’re playing beach volleyball or visiting the Grand Canyon, chances are you’re doing it in July.  

With great fun comes great responsibility. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, it should, especially since July is UV Safety Awareness Month. 

UV Safety Awareness Month reminds you of the sobering reality of the great outdoors. While we all benefit from getting out of the house every now and then, it’s not without its risks. 

UV rays can be harmful if you go out unprotected. No need to fret, however — we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s how to have the sunniest and safest fun throughout UV Safety Awareness Month. 

Brighten and Lighten Up with These UV Ray Facts 

UV rays are the leading cause of most skin cancers, according to the American Cancer Society

1 in 5 Americans get skin cancer, which is the most common type of cancer, according to Weill Cornell Medicine

Also per Weill Cornell Medicine, five sunburns double your risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Basal and squamous cell skin cancers are the most common kinds of skin cancer, which are often caused by the following:

  • Spending time in the sun for recreation 
  • Living in an area that gets a lot of sunlight
  • Having a serious history of sunburns 

Case in point: don’t spend too much time in the sun. But if — and when — you do step out into the great outdoors, make sure you’re packing. 

The Power of Sunscreen

July is among the most popular months to go to the beach, according to the world-renowned cruise company Carnival. As a result, you are statistically more likely to be in the beach setting once July rolls around. 

Beaches are a powerful source of getting sunlight. In fact, it’s way too powerful at times. As we established in the previous section, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing — especially when it comes to sunlight. 

Protect yourself during UV Safety Month and all the months to come with a healthy helping of sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends applying a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. 

The National Foundation for Cancer Research recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours, after getting out of the water, or after sweating.

Most water-resistant sunscreens are effective for 40 minutes in water, so put that smartwatch to good use by setting a timer for the appropriate amount of time. 

Lastly, check the expiration date on your sunscreen. Sunscreen bottles tend to gather dust in your house until the summer rolls around. Check the date on the bottle before going on that next dream vacation. 

Throw Some Shade (The Good Kind) 

Aren’t trees great? They’re tall and sturdy and provide a fantastic sense of natural calm. They also come in clutch during the summer months when the sun is out. 

These strong pillars of nature also provide some much-needed shade from the sun and harmful UV rays. As an added bonus, they also provide a cool breeze away from scorching heat waves. 

On top of sunscreen, getting some shade greatly protects you from harmful UV rays. Though trees are definitely a great source of shade, they’ll likely be in short supply in the beach setting. 

Get a beach umbrella for some shade when at the beach. Feel free to get creative with the umbrella design. You’re on vacation, so might as well put your personal stamp on how you spend your leisure time. 

If you’re on the move, sunhats will be your best friend. They’ll shield your head and face from too much sunlight, which prevents you from getting harmful UV rays and an unwanted headache. 

Sunglasses are another classic piece of UV protection. Shop for sunglasses that specifically protect you from harmful UV rays. Read the fine print before purchasing a pair of sunglasses. Make sure the sunglasses block 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays. 

 Sunglasses are another stylish piece of UV protection, so pick the frames that best suit you (extra points if you get prescription lenses).

Go For Early Detection Screenings 

UV Safety Awareness Month is all about raising awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays. As we mentioned earlier, the consequences could be grave if left untreated. 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and early detection screenings ensure that you err on the side of caution. 

Early detection screenings are especially important if you’re spending long periods of time outside, whether for vacation or for work. 

Keep the party going by scheduling early detection screenings. Again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


UV Safety Awareness Month doesn’t mean being a party pooper on all your summer fun. Just the opposite — UV Safety Awareness Month reminds you to keep the good times rolling. The fun can only continue if you take the necessary precautions. 

In the case of UV Safety Awareness Month, those precautions have to do with that big ball of fire in the sky. UV rays may seem harmful or ubiquitous, but they can come up with possibly grave consequences. 

Summer is the perfect time to kick your feet up and truly destress from the daily work grind. Your vacations should be a literal ray of sunshine within the monotonous gray. 

So make the most out of your vacation — and UV Safety Awareness Month — by taking the necessary precautions. And make sure to look good doing it.