Coming Together for Community Health Improvement Week

Coming Together for Community Health Improvement Week
June 3, 2022
RxLocal Team

Ever had a sore throat, scratchy eyes, or aches and pains that just didn’t seem to go away? How about a headache, a case of hay fever, or a bad bout of the flu? Maybe a broken bone or an injury that needed operating on?

Of course, the answer is yes — at some point or another, you’ve experienced some illness, injury, or disease. But when you were sick, who did you call on for help?

Your family physician. Your community pharmacist. Your local urgent care or clinic, or in the case of emergency, your local hospital staff. In other words, you called on the healthcare professionals in your community, and you trusted them to help you feel better fast. Whether they saved your life or simply helped you achieve better health, these professionals made, and continue to make, an impact on you.

When’s the last time you said thank you?

In the next seven days, you have a unique opportunity to consider the healthcare professionals who have been with you in sickness and in health: who have remained with your family, friends, and community for countless years. They’ve sacrificed their time, their energy, and in the last two years, their lives, to serve you.

Community Health Improvement Week is all about saying thanks.

What is Community Health Improvement Week?

Community Health Improvement Week, or CHI Week, is a seven-day celebration dedicated to healthcare heroes around the country. CHI Week is led by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and AHA Community Health Improvement.

It is designed “to honor the people working in partnership to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities and advance health equity.”

These people “working in partnership” include healthcare professionals of all kinds: from physicians to pharmacists to the 18 million other people working in healthcare. CHI Week acknowledges these people and their contributions to communities of all kinds.

These contributions include:

  • Providing essential, often life-saving, care
  • Supporting physical and mental health
  • Preventing sickness from spreading
  • Actively seeking, and finding, cures
  • Advocating for disease prevention
  • Educating the general public about pressing health concerns
  • Expanding healthcare access to vulnerable populations
  • Fighting for health equity

As they fight to keep their communities safe, healthcare professionals face a wide range of risks, including injuries, chemical exposure, violence, stress, and an enhanced chance of disease (especially COVID-19).

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that healthcare professionals face the highest risk of work injury and illness in any industry.

Aside from facing illness, healthcare professionals also work long hours, with few breaks, and carry the physical and mental burden of an entire community’s well-being. It’s safe to say, then, that healthcare professionals take on a lot — to give back even more.

Healthcare professionals are essential, and this Community Health Improvement Week in particular, they are appreciated more than ever before.

When is Community Health Improvement Week?

This year, Community Health Improvement Week takes place from June 5-11, 2022.

The AHA encourages everyone to take part in CHI Week, regardless of whether you’re a healthcare professional yourself, or whether you’re a patient who’s grateful for the work that healthcare professionals do each and every day.

If you are taking part this week, share your CHI week activities on social media using the hashtag #ChiWeek. You can also tag @ahahospitals and follow along to find out how other patients and healthcare professionals are getting involved.

How can I celebrate Community Health Improvement Week?

There are a number of ways that you can say thanks and stay involved during Community Health Improvement Week. Here are just a few ideas to get started:

If you’re a healthcare professional:

  • Add CHI Week to your calendar
  • Create promotional materials to share around the office
  • Write a blog post, letter to the editor, or op-ed about community healthcare
  • Create social media posts highlighting your community health initiatives (and don’t forget to add #CHIWeek to be a part of the conversation)
  • Host a Facebook/Instagram Live with key community partners
  • Plan an event to bring awareness to community health work. Ideas include a “lunch and learn” event, a facilitated discussion, or a community service outing
  • Create a recognition award and present it to a partner helping to improve your community
  • Send a postcard to a project partner to thank them for their collaboration

If you’re a patient:

  • Say a simple “thank you” to your healthcare providers
  • Write a letter or email sharing your experience with a particular healthcare professional and express your gratitude
  • Recommend a friend to local providers you love
  • Visit a local doctor’s office for your next physical exam
  • Pick up your prescriptions at an independently-owned pharmacy instead of a chain. Don’t know of a pharmacy near you? Check out our Pharmacy Finder to find the right one.
  • Write a positive review on Google Reviews
  • Share your experiences on social media using #CHIWeek
  • Advocate for community healthcare, this week and every week


Community healthcare is the backbone of a healthy society.

Over 18 million healthcare professionals work around the clock to keep this backbone strong, caring for you and your loved ones like you’re their own. Healthcare professionals deserve all the recognition they can get — so this Community Health Improvement Week, make sure you set aside time to say thank you.

A simple gesture or a small act of kindness can go further than you think.