How to Support Your Local Independent Pharmacy

How to Support Your Local Independent Pharmacy
July 23, 2021
RxLocal Team

Between dispensing prescriptions, administering vaccines, and developing strategies to care for you and your family, independent pharmacies and their staff are there to serve you in times of sickness and health.

Whether they be pharmacists, technicians, or support personnel, pharmacy staff go beyond the prescriptions and work to get to know you, your history, and your needs by establishing a connection that extends to the personal level and allows you to get the highest level of care.

As members of your community, pharmacy staff are also deeply invested and involved in your local area. By supporting important causes, they work to not only make a difference in your life but also in the livelihood of your community. In and out of the storefront, pharmacy staff care about you and strive to show it every day in their practice.

For all that independent pharmacies do — working around the clock to provide you with the services you need — it is important to stop and say thank you.

Here are just a few ways that you can express your gratitude and support your local community pharmacy.

1. Say Thank You

The most tried and true method to show your support, a simple “thank you” can greatly impact your local pharmacy and those who keep it afloat. Especially for pharmacy staff, who go the extra mile (often unnoticed), an expression of gratitude can make a difference in how they view themselves, their work, and pharmacy practice as a whole.

Saying “thank you” can help pharmacy staff to feel seen, understood, and appreciated.

When you visit your local independent pharmacy, take the time to stop and thank the team for all they do. If a clerk is especially kind to you, thank them. If a technician stops to answer your questions, thank them. If a pharmacist goes out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable with a new treatment plan, thank them.

In a field that can be as under-appreciated as pharmacy, your simple token of thanks matters.

2. Write a Letter or Email

For a long-lasting show of support, take the time to sit down and write a message to your local pharmacy that expresses your appreciation, either by letter or email.

If you have a positive experience in the store, show your thanks to those who made it possible: with their kindness, their helpfulness, their promptness, or whatever it is about the interaction that impressed you.

Especially if you work with one specific staff member who goes above and beyond to ensure that you have a good experience, write to the owner or pharmacist-in-charge and demonstrate your appreciation of that person.

Not only will it help the staff member to feel more appreciated, but the good word may even help them to advance in the pharmacy. In this case, your support can benefit staff in more ways than one — so don’t be shy to offer it.

3. Recommend a Friend

Nothing expresses customer satisfaction quite like a positive patient referral. To take your appreciation from the pharmacy and out into the world beyond, recommend your provider to friends and family, when the topic comes up.

Potential patients are more inclined to take recommendations from people that they know personally — and bringing business to a pharmacy via recommendations is one of the most powerful ways that you can show your support. Some pharmacies even host “recommend a friend” reward programs, a win for everyone involved.

4. Leave a Positive Review

Expand the reach of your recommendations by posting a positive review on platforms like Google Reviews and Yelp.

Online recommendations offer a more public way to share your experiences at the pharmacy — and give you the opportunity to recommend it to those in your community who are looking for a new health destination.

By taking 30 seconds out of your day and writing a few sentences on your preferred review site, you can spread the word about your pharmacy and all it has to offer. In the process, you can generate leads, increase business, and ensure a successful future for the pharmacy that serves you and others around you.

5. Share on Social Media

Even more accessible than online reviews, though, is social media. Because so many people use social media, it offers an excellent opportunity to support your pharmacy. Stay engaged by following your pharmacy on your favorite platforms — Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — and boosting their engagement with your likes and comments. 

In addition to liking and commenting, you can share your pharmacy’s posts on your profile, advertising their services to your own followers.

Often, pharmacies reward patients who stay engaged online — via discounts, giveaways, and special offers — so supporting your pharmacy on social media can benefit you, too.

6. Stay Loyal to the Pharmacy

One of the most important ways that you can support your pharmacy is by continuing your business with them and staying loyal to them. Not only should you continue to fill your prescriptions and pick up your favorite retail items at your local independent pharmacy, but you should look into the other services they offer and take advantage of them as well.

Many pharmacies offer clinical care services like testing, vaccines, patient counseling, and more; so find out what your pharmacy can do for you and how you can bring them more business.

Spending more time at your local pharmacy and getting more services also gives you the chance to get the personalized, value-based care that you’re looking for. As you support the pharmacy, you can continue to support and improve yourself.


Your local independent pharmacy and its staff go out of their way to give you, your loved ones, and your community the best care possible.

In consideration of all that they do, take the time to say thank you and find ways that you can support your local providers, whether it be big or small, in-person or online.

A little kindness goes a long way.