Looking Back and Moving Forward | New Year’s Reflections

Looking Back and Moving Forward | New Year’s Reflections
December 31, 2021
RxLocal Team

Set your clock and start your countdown: it’s New Year’s Eve.

At last, we’ve reached the last hours of the last day of another unprecedented year. 2021 came with its own challenges, changes, and plenty of memorable moments.

Before we move from one year to the next, take some time to think about all you’ve accomplished in the last 12 months — and start brainstorming how you can make the next 12 even better.

One Last Hoorah: Closing Out 2021

What were the biggest events of 2021?

Looking back on the last year, we’ve lived through a lot: from new leadership to new milestones to an ongoing pandemic that continues to affect our day-to-day lives. To put the year into perspective, here are just a few of the highlights:

1. Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President in the United States

2. SpaceX launched the first all-civilian spaceflight in a 3-day orbit around Earth

3. Historic trials took place in courts all around the country, including cases against Donald Trump, Derek Chauvin, and Ghislaine Maxwell

4. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, two journalists fighting for freedom of expression in Russia and the Philippines

5. Beyoncé became the most-awarded woman in Grammy history, racking up 28 total awards

6. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV in a 31-9 game against the Kansas City Chiefs

7. Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Games, shedding light on mental health concerns

8. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died at age 99

9. Over 250 million COVID-19 cases were confirmed around the world, which resulted in over 5 million deaths

10. On the other hand, almost 8 billion vaccine doses were administered

What happened in pharmacy in 2021?

A lot has happened in the world — and a lot has happened in your world. In your pharmacy, you’ve accomplished your own goals and met your own milestones this year.

You’ve filled scripts, counseled patients, and probably administered your fair share of the 8 billion vaccines given this year. You’ve adapted your operations and worked to serve your patients in new ways.

Maybe you’ve opened up curbside pickup, explored delivery options, or paid a home visit or two. Maybe you’ve gone on mobile clinics or set up shop in your community to make yourself more accessible. No doubt, you’ve worked long hours and lost sleep brainstorming new ways to meet new challenges.

As the year comes to a close, you can rest knowing that you’ve accomplished your mission.

Amidst all the changes this year, you’ve trusted PioneerRx and RxLocal to keep your pharmacy moving forward. You’ve offered us your business, your feedback, and your continued support. We applaud you for your work and thank you for your partnership in 2021.

We’re excited about what you’ve accomplished this year, but we’re even more excited about what you’ll do in 2022. As always, we’ll be right there beside you.

Opening Up New Doors: Opportunities for Pharmacists in 2022

The new year brings new opportunities to reinvent yourself, your practice, and your business. Before you head back from your holiday break, take some time to think about how you want to run your pharmacy in the next 365 days.

To get started, try Assessing, Implementing, and Evaluating a few new goals for the new year.

Step 1: Assess

Start by taking a step back and taking stock of your pharmacy’s operations. First find out what’s been working and what hasn’t — in the last few weeks, the last few months, or even the last few years. Pull reports, ask employees, and survey customers. When you get an accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses, you can better determine how to move forward.

Step 2: Implement

Once you’ve figured out where you need to improve, you can set and start implementing new goals for the new year. Some goals to consider may be:

After deciding on an area of interest, start introducing SMART goal-setting techniques.

For example, if you decide you want to expand your med sync program, don’t just say, “I want to get more patients on med sync.” Instead, say, “I want to double the number of patients in our program by the end of the summer.” With specific parameters set in place, you can more easily implement goals that you end up sticking with.

For more tips on effective goal-setting, visit our PioneerRx blog, Hitting the Refresh Button.

Step 3: Evaluate

When you implement a goal of any kind, it’s important that you keep a measure of your success.

Constantly evaluating and reevaluating your programs, once you’ve put them in practice, can help you track your progress and make adjustments where needed. Depending on your specific goals, you can make evaluations every week, month, or quarter. When you evaluate, save room to hear other people’s opinions and outlooks, whether they’re your patients or your staff.

Goal-setting (and goal-getting) is no easy feat, but with the right team on your side, it’s possible.


As we wrap up the final moments of the year, take a moment to reflect on all that you’ve done and all that you’re going to do. Raise your glass and make a toast. Here’s to you, in 2022!