Make the Most Out of National Insurance Awareness Day

Make the Most Out of National Insurance Awareness Day
June 23, 2023
RxLocal Team

They’ll make a holiday for just about anything, won’t they? There’s always something worth celebrating, whether it’s about your health or the little things in life. 

Then there are the bigger things in life, certain necessities that we might take for granted. There’s no better example of this idea than insurance programs. 

Enter National Insurance Awareness Day. Having an insurance plan is now more important than ever.  Prescription prices can balloon without the help of a third-party provider. 

National Insurance Awareness Day reminds us how simply indispensable insurance plans are in the pharmacy industry. 

Though you might not want to hold a community event like other holidays, you can commemorate National Insurance Awareness Day in a few ways. 

Here’s how you can do it. 

When is National Insurance Awareness Day? 

National Insurance Awareness Day falls on June 28th. The origin of the holiday is currently unknown, but we’re glad it’s here. National Insurance Awareness Day mainly reminds small business owners to renew their insurance plans. 

An interesting totally non-coincidental fact is most businesses and nonprofits have to renew their insurance plans by July 1st. 

Perhaps National Insurance Awareness Day originated to give business owners a friendly (but urgent) reminder that the renewal deadline is quickly approaching. 

The Business of the Self

It’s pretty obvious that National Insurance Awareness Day came about with small business owners in mind. But insurance plans are everywhere. 

There’s some sort of coverage or protection plan for almost everything. They can range from the mundane to the whacky (see: alien abduction insurance.)

All in all, insurance plans make your life more convenient and less worrisome. And there are fewer insurance plans more essential than your health or prescription insurance. 

Your health journey is full of twists and turns. It can be smooth one moment and full of potholes the next. What’s more, sicknesses or ailments never happen in a convenient time. 

It can derail your day, productivity, and livelihood. Insurance plans help mitigate the initial shock of a new health roadblock. It’s never easy but insurance plans give you a safety net, both for your finances and health. 

Health insurance prioritizes the business of your health. Your well-being is a special kind of equity. Maintaining it is vital to living a fulfilling and healthy life. Having an insurance plan gives you peace of mind that the journey ahead is a manageable one.  

Know What You Want 

Celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day by understanding what your insurance truly consists of. There are so many moving points within your plan’s coverage that it’s completely understandable to lose track of your benefits. 

Nevertheless, having the right insurance plan is another key part of living a healthier life. 

Most job-provided insurance plans provide different plans that better accommodate your specific health needs. Whether you regularly take maintenance medications or go the urgent care once in a while, get the plan that works best for you. 

Insurance is indeed complex and it’s inevitable to feel confused or frustrated when learning about your plan. But it is a necessary step to have the best support along your health journey. 

Understand Your Formulary 

The pharmaceutical industry provides a wealth of innovative health solutions that help make your life easier. However, it is an industry at the end of the day, and independent pharmacies are small businesses at their core. 

As such, not even the “best” insurance plans will cover everything on the market. So make the most out of National Insurance Awareness Day by being aware of what your formulary consists of. 

While even premium insurance plans have their limits, using your insurance’s benefits to their fullest extent naturally makes your health journey a little smoother. 

About Discount Cards

Simply put, times are tough. Some insurance programs can’t cover medications or services like they used to. It may be difficult to get an insurance plan to begin with. Simply put, getting an effective insurance program can be unaffordable. 

It is an unfortunate reality, but a reality nonetheless. Uninsured patients can use discount cards to lessen the brunt of pharmacy expenses. 

Discount cards are a free, (mainly) no-strings-attached solution to save some money on your prescription. It can sometimes save you more money than your insurance plan.  

If that might sound too good to be true, it essentially is. Though discount cards can save you some money in the short term, they won’t do much in the long run. 

Prescription copays tend to cost more at the beginning of the year due to your annual deductible. 

Most insurance plans have it where a portion of the deductible accounts for some of your copay. In essence, you’re paying for your prescriptions while taking a good chunk out of your deductible. 

Once the hard part is over, you can enjoy your insurance benefits to the fullest extent. 


Insurance plans make the world go round — literally: car insurance is that important. You have insurance for your car, home, devices, and your pets. Health and prescription insurance is every bit as vital. 

Make the most of National Insurance Awareness Day by ensuring you have the best possible insurance plan for your specific health needs. 

Maintaining a clean bill of health makes your health journey more manageable but the path ahead has its share of pitfalls and swerves. Get an insurance plan that gives you peace of mind as you live your life to the best and healthiest extent possible.