The RxLocal Partner Network is Now Available in PioneerRx

The RxLocal Partner Network is Now Available in PioneerRx
December 7, 2018
RxLocal Team

The RxLocal Partner Network is now available right inside your PioneerRx system.

The network is a group of independent specialty and community pharmacies working to together to care for patients.  It is designed to equip PioneerRx pharmacies with the same capabilities that large national chains use to connect specialty pharmacies with retail pharmacies. Community pharmacies now have another tool at their disposal instead of turning a patient away due to specialty rejections by pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs).

Community pharmacies, when encountering a specialty medication rejection, can use the Partner Network button inside PioneerRx to find a specialty pharmacy to fill the prescription and ship to their locations.

The button will engage PioneerRx support staff to assist in the transfer of that prescription to a contracted independent specialty pharmacy. The specialty pharmacies will give the patient the option to pick up the prescription at the community pharmacy where they already receive the rest of their prescriptions.

Community pharmacies can feel safe knowing they are transferring a prescription to a PioneerRx specialty pharmacy that is a willing partner and understands that site of care can impact medication adherence. Specialty pharmacies will be able to capture a signature by the patient at the community pharmacy point of sale to ensure complete transparency and delivery to the patient.

Community pharmacies and specialty pharmacies on PioneerRx can reach out to their account managers to get more information on steps and usage.  We already have some successful stories that we will be sharing soon from community and specialty pharmacies working together to compounding specialists assisting community pharmacies as well.

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